History & Family Heritage

Company named after Grand-Grandfather and Master-craftsman of Riga city Janis Jekabsons with nickname TATIS. Ever since Janis Jekabsons set up his atelier in 1912 in Riga, excellence in craftsmanship has been at the very heart of artisans. Just as they were more than 100 years ago, bags are made in Riga by single artisan that oversees all parts of making.


This is story about craftsmanship in generations in one of the oldest city’s in Europe. Riga is a tiny city beside Baltic sea with more than 800 years experience in craftsmanship. All handbags are named after streets in Riga city.

Riga’s artisans are famous for they skills and attention to details. Skills are past from generations to generations. TATIS Riga is a reflector ancient traditions and craftsmanship.

Tatis Riga

TATIS Riga runned by designer and craftsmen of Riga in 4th generation Eteri Gabunija. Passionate for the craftsmanship, lead designer Eteri Gabunija decided to rehabilitate ancient European technique and interpret it for the contemporary era.


TATIS Riga produces luxurious quality leather bags, wallets & accessories. The brand is characterized by high quality, sophisticated design and exquisite details. The production is fully manufactured in Riga (Latvia) using the highest quality leather from Italy and the work of skilled craftsmen.