All the materials we source at TATIS Riga are meticulously selected for their high quality and luxurious nature. We can guarantee that all of our products are made in Latvia and our leathers come from Italy. Our leathers are natural skins that age in different ways. This is an attribute of the leather, which we like to see as part of the materials charm. However, natural skins and delicate materials are sensitive, need to be cared for and can react to humidity or water.

Please take care to keep this product away from damp surroundings, including rain and note that salt and other atmospheric agents may cause permanent damage. Should your product get wet, wipe with a soft cloth and allow to dry at room temperature. We recommend that you keep your product away from heat, harsh light, materials that could transfer their pigments and oil or alcohol based substances. Do not place your product in direct sunlight or heat as it may cause the colour to fade. Suede leather may bleed colour as a result of processing, therefore to remove it, it is recommended not to wet, but use a dry brush with very soft bristles. Please store your product in its protective box or dust bag when not in use.